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Who find it difficult to get into the office on a daily basis whether it is due to physical difficulties or family circumstances.
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Who want to explore the world and work while traveling
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Who are tired of the daily commute and want to work from nearby co-working spaces with friends (coming soon...)
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What is Remotey?

A powerhouse of unstoppable telecommuters, digital nomads, home workers and freelancers.

As a member you'll be able to set your professional profile, access remote vacancies, price based tasks and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

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Why to join us?

Remote vacancies
from all around the world

Dream of having a work from home job? Take a look at how we're revolutionising work to give you the lifestyle, freedom to work from home or from wherever you like.

Price based tasks (coming soon)
deliverable in a few hours/days

Are you a student with a lot of free time? Have you just retired, but you still want to share your valuable knowledge and experience? Or do you just fancy making some extra money?

Join the careerists & freelancers
from all over the globe

The world has never been smaller and markets have never been more open. Millions of workers and thousands of companies have already discovered the joys and benefits of working remotely. Join us and come on in the water.

Key features

Location still matters, but not as it used to

Choose your preferred country and work in the time zone that fits you the best.

Take time to make it right

When you find a remote vacancy you are interested in, but you don't want to apply right away, you can save it into your shortlist and apply later.

Work from an office or remotely

Don't want to work at home all the time? That's fine, you can also choose from positions which are partially remote.

The first impression is important

A new potential client or employer can decide in a few first seconds. We've designed our profiles in a way that our talents will have a higher chance get hired.

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