Lead Software Engineer, Consumer Applications

Radix DLT | United Kingdom | EU Time Zones
Fully remote | Full Time | 30 Mar, 2021

Vacancy description

No matter how powerful and flexible you build a platform, at the end of the day it’s the tools you present to the user that define the experience. Radix is seeking a veteran agile development lead to build the experiences that will define the future of decentralized finance (DeFi).

DeFi has turned out to be the killer app that is taking public distributed ledgers from niche products for speculators and hobbyists to projects of global economic significance, and with it has come a new paradigm for user interfaces. Authentication models, interoperability expectations, and the entire concept of user accounts are all undergoing dramatic changes; at Radix you’ll have the opportunity to define the way forward while working at the very cutting edge of a space undergoing furious growth.

Working from a coherent vision and a proposed set of essential products, you will fully flesh out user stories, establish requirements and milestones, and lead small teams of ace developers and testers through rapid cycles of implementation, feedback gathering, and tuning to produce delightful results.

About You

  • You are able to isolate the 90% case for user experiences. You think in terms of making the most important interactions effortless, rather than making anything possible.
  • You are adept at going from problem statements to solution design, and then breaking that high level design down into discrete segments of useful work.
  • You have a good instinctual feel for the complexity of a development problem, and can quickly determine which things will be risky/challenging and which should be straightforward.
  • You know how to manage the circus while still progressing on your own development tasks, and are comfortable with setting a project schedule and making appropriate compromises to adhere to it.
  • You have released and maintained consumer-facing things in the past; your history is not limited to internal business applications.
  • You’re intelligent and learn quickly. Absolutely no one at Radix winds up only doing what’s in their job description, and adaptability is essential.

About Us

We labor in the service of our great master, Cerberus. Cerberus is the first model of consensus that delivers high throughput via sharding without sacrificing the central need of decentralized finance—the ability to atomically perform transactions across disparate shards. We call him “Cerby” for short.

Though geographically diverse, we are an exceptionally close-knit team. We count on each other, and we take comfort in knowing the team is always there to step in and take up the load when we run into tough problems. A few times a year we all fly to an exotic destination for a week of planning, hacking, and festivities (except when driven underground by the covid beast). The anticipation leading up to these “Radix summits” is the adult version of looking forward to your favorite holiday.

Decentralized finance and Ethereum are groaning under the stress of too many users pounding square-peg needs into a round-hole platform. We went back to first principles to come up with the right solution, and we have already tested out at over 1 million transactions per second. We have forged a path deep into the future of what distributed ledger technology is going to look like, together with the business case that assures adoption, and we need you to come and be part of the team that is making that happen right now. Join us!

Preferred Qualifications and Competencies

  • 7+ years as a professional software engineer, with at least 2 years in a team lead role.
  • Fluent in Java or C#.
  • Familiar with conducting sprint planning and tracking.
  • Comfortable with asynchronous programming models.
  • Noddingly familiar with the practical aspects of asymmetric cryptography. No need for the underlying theoretical foundations.

Desired skills

User Experience
User Interface

About Radix DLT

Radix is a high-throughput protocol for building decentralized applications, tokens and coins.

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Lead Software Engineer, Consumer Applications

Radix DLT | United Kingdom | EU Time Zones
Fully remote | Full Time | 30 Mar, 2021