Senior Software Engineer - Marketplace

Heetch | France | EU Time Zones
Fully remote | Full Time | 4 Mar, 2020

Vacancy description

Marketplace Team @Heetch

The Marketplace team at Heetch tackles some of the hardest problems related to improving our realtime marketplace which deeply impact the everyday experiences of our passengers and drivers. Our team focuses on building technology to achieve market balance (matching the supply of drivers with demand from passengers) and optimize the reliability and availability of all the rides happening on the platform.

We are the brain of Heetch, tackling the company’s most challenging quantitative problems: optimizing our dynamic pricing system; providing real time positioning guidance to drivers; optimizing dispatches of drivers to incoming requests, and many more.

Our domains:

Matching: we build and optimize dispatching algorithms with the goal of increasing efficiency and lowering ETAs & prices. We build the tech stack to make thousands of intelligent matching decisions every second in Europe and Africa in real-time among dozen of thousands of drivers and passengers.

We are not just designing algorithms to solve hard problems - we are building robust scalable real-time production systems to power these algorithms from the ground up and deliver the driver and passenger experiences directly in the Heetch mobile app.

Maps & Routing: we own the routing engine which solves the most fundamental business problems: how to most efficiently get our passengers from point A to point B, whether it is driving, by car or moto. We do it by constantly optimizing time (ETA), distance and route line estimations.

Pricing: we own the critical scope of calculating fair prices in real-time based on supply and demand patterns, yielding the best return for our drivers and a price affordable to passengers.

Our team's values:

Transparency: We discuss everything openly within the team. Our speak up culture is strong.

Remote first: Our team is fully distributed, and we work hard at that.

Data driven: Our decisions are made with hard empirical evidence and not gut feel.

Team unity: We are only as good as our team is.

Courageous: We are bold and not afraid to challenge the status quo.

Code quality: We strive to write clean, testable and maintainable code.

Tech stack:

Within our event-driven architecture you will mainly find Golang and Python microservices talking each other asynchronously through Kafka.

Take a closer look at our stack:

What will you do?

• Deliver solutions to transportation infrastructure problems at scale.

• Develop and design real time responsive solutions at large scales.

• Lead large projects from ideation to market release.

• Offer advanced technical expertise to design and develop software applications.

• Work very close with Data Scientists.

• Chew on a lot of data to understand marketplace problematics.

• Mentor our junior developers and help them to evolve.

• Write technical posts, give tech talks and promote tech and engineering best practices.

Does it sound like you?

• You are obsessed by the value you create for users, and you follow lean tenets such as continuous improvement.

• You've designed and built testable, extensible, reliable and scalable systems in production.

• You've worked for more than 5 years as a software engineer, and have experience with event-driven architectures and microservices.

• Expertise in Go, Java, Python, or any other applicable back end language (Go and Python are a nice to have but not required).

• Strong algorithm and CS skills.

• You are not afraid to fail (as long as you learn from it).

• You believe innovation comes from a bottom-up model.

• You love sharing knowledge.

Hiring process

  • Non-technical interview with the Engineering Manager of your potential team (1h30)
  • Take home assignment (~5 days deadline)
  • Interview with your future teammates (1h)
  • Day on site (Paris) to meet your future stakeholders

Desired skills


About Heetch

Heetch is a mobility app with a simple mission: we want people to enjoy going out.
Every night and every day, our drivers are doing their best to make their rides unforgettable and friendly!
We are focused on young people's expectations and are competing within a fast-paced market.

The service was launched in Paris on September 2013 and has been growing since then, with thousands of rides every night in France, Belgium and Morocco.
With more than 1 million users in Europe, we are proud to be one of the fastest French growing startups!

We have a lot of exciting things to do and we are looking for the right people to grow with us!

Senior Software Engineer - Marketplace

Heetch | France | EU Time Zones
Fully remote | Full Time | 4 Mar, 2020